Welcome to 2017. We are now in the month of February. The year has started off with high levels of stress and great change. It does not matter what side of the political party you sit on, your balance has been shifted by a new President and a new congress.

It is also the year of the Rooster.

The tenth zodiac sign of the Chinese horoscope is gifted with a radiant personality. Roosters can either annoy or fascinate, however they leave few people indifferent to their presence.

Roosters are usually gifted with good management skills and they are very meticulous, especially when it comes to their own business. Very precise in all they do, they are very fond of the little details, and nothing escapes their sharp eyes.

If Roosters aren’t good for tact and diplomacy, on the other hand, they are endowed with a unique uprightness and exemplary loyalty. I think when we look at the Rooster this year, we may see similarities in our new president. For better or worst a great Fire energy has entered the 2017 year.

So what should we expect from this new year? I would like to make a few predictions. I believe that the beginning of the year will be slightly cold in the North East. Snow accumulations will be low. We will see flowers and trees attempting to bloom early.  Many people will suffer with various aches and pains associated with the severe changes in the weather. One day it will be hot and the next will dip into a very cold spell that will affect ailments associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, seasonal light disorders, confusion, sinus pressure headaches and light depression.

For some, long-term disagreements will remain as is. For others friends will pass quickly without time for goodbyes. One of the messages this year is the promise that no one is promised another day. For this reason, great care should be taken to make time with those who will pass. Speak with love and forgive past arguments. Time is of the essence.

Love will be bestowed on many this year. While it begins as familiar love it will proceed into loving long-term relationships. These relationships will be built on friendship, companionship and grounded feelings of security. The surge of romantic love will feel different, again it will feel more solid and secure. Deep friendships will begin that lead to long term romance.

The Spring will bring new opportunities for celebrations, adventures and journeys. Many will decide to travel local instead of far away trips. Money will be available for pleasure but many will decide to keep their savings close in fear of the changes in our new economy.

There will be new career opportunities, but most of them will not have a significant increase until the Fall.

This February and March I will be running specials that you can find on the Home Page of the Lady Tatianna Page.

I hope that the Rooster year brings you a new fire in your soul to create a stable and prosperous life. Best Wishes for the 2017 year.