This Friday the 13th, 2014 will be an intense moon. It is the last Full Moon that will fall on a Friday for quite some time. The last time this happened was in 2000. The next time this Full Moon will present herself to us will be on:

Friday Aug 13th 2049

I remember the last Friday the 13th full moon well.   The magical intent that I sent into the universe in 2000 on the last Friday 13th full moon brought many changes to my life ? Do you remember what you asked for at this time? If so this would be a wonderful venue to share with each other as the week unfolds.

It is a great time to go back and look at older journals. What did you ask for? Did the Universe provide? What are you asking for now that is different than your last request. Once I get everyone’s feedback I will know the group pattern.

WILL WE NOTICE A PATTERN OF WISHES FROM THE GROUP THAT RESPONDS ON FACEBOOK? If so, this could be a collective group wish that is manifesting.

I have done my own personal calculations and I will be 87 years old when this happens again. If I should decide to remain on the earth plane, it will be amazing to look back at this time and remember what I have asked the Universe to provide.

On a personal note, the next time this moon will fall will be on my mothers birthday which is August 13th. The number 13th holds great power for me. It is the date for my birthday, my mothers and my mother-in-law. On a magical note August the 13th is a special day for those who honor The Blessed Mother and Hecate. For me the next time this happens should represent closure for me. Until that time,,,,it is time to manifest.

I encourage everyone to journal deeply and vigorously this week. What is it that you really want in your life? Don’t think small!!!
This is a big wish, a wish that will carry you thru the next 35 years of your earth school journey.

Do not make these decisions on a whim. Really think about what you need to sustain yourself and loved ones thru this time period.

For those of us who are middle aged or older, we might ask the important question of how we want to finish the journey?

For those of you who are younger, you might ask questions such as; Who should I love, what qualities am I looking for in a partner?
What career would fulfill my true life mission?

Choose your words and intentions wisely, in fact ask your elders to tell you their stories of LOVE & Career passions. Ask them what they might have done differently when choosing a career, mate, partner or spouse.

Consider your career path. Ask for guidance from the Universe pertaining to new trends in careers.

What career will carry you thru this time period and provide you with safety, love and prosperity? Most importantly, what job or career would give you the highest level of honor and respect. Which company or foundation would give you recognition & true worth?

I would love to hear your feedback. Please visit my face book page and like the page. You should do this in the upper right hand corner on FB. After you like the page, please post one wish you would like for me to assist you with. I will be with a huge group of energy workers this Friday evening. We will be raising prayer and energy for your wishes



If you like the face book page and tell me your wish, I will write that wish on a piece of paper. This paper will be charged with an oil specific to your wish. I will place this wish on a huge bonfire on Friday evening the 13th.

I will do this under the Full Moon. There will be hundreds of energy workers at this event.

Drummers will add to the energy. Dancers will raise your wish to the heavens.

I will pray that your wish be granted and
I will be a conduit for you and your wish.

I hope I can add some extra energy and love to your specific wishes.

Please note you must post this wish on my Lady Tatianna Facebook page and

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I am leaving for my trip on Wednesday,,,,,,

so put your wishes in now…..

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Blested Kisses from Above
Lady Tatianna ‡